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"Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that." - George Carlin
"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice." - Donny Miller


 Japan travel planning site

 Freshwater fish condition diagnostic tool

Art and Creativity

 KPop statistics on Youtube - All Kpop MVS and Artists

 Wallpaper Gallery, since 2004

Original Articles

 Cat Guide - Everything you should know about Cats

 Pain Relievers / Pain Killers Safery - Do you know which are safe?

 Save the planet, water and energy - Tips on saving water, energy and promoting a sustainable future

 Aircraft Safety Statistics - Which manufacturer and which model are safer?


External Links - worth a read/watch


  What would happen if all guns disappeared? Touches the real point of gun violence: fatality (BBC)

  How Japan almost erradicated gun crime - "If you believe the world is peaceful, there is no need for guns" is Japan's philosophy for centuries, this is the result (BBC).

  "Mono no Aware", fabulous short story by Ken Liu, which express the Japanese concept of same name.

  Why are people so incredibly gullible - How human bias, cognitive misery and memory issues make us hoax-spreading machines (BBC).

  The man who studies the spread of ignorance - Agnotology - Article about how ignorance and misinformation spreads so fast it is amazing we eventually find out some truth (BBC)

  "How cats won the internet?" - Article by Maria Bustillos (here posted at BBC)

  The 'sanitised narrative' of Hiroshima's atomic bombing" - BBC

  "Unsung Hero" - TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014 - Inspiring video

  "Humans need not apply" - CGP Grey video - com (legenda em português)

  "Will machines eventually take on every job?" - BBC mentions singularity

  "Why Is There Peace?" - Article by Steven Pinker

  "John Oliver: Climate Change Debate"

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