MCPE Maps - CANDYLAND Survival spawn map

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(MCPE 1.1.5 - Seed: Candyland)

This Survival Spawn Map (with achievements enabled) is perfect for your inner child .. or your child. 

Check a gallery at Imgur here  

It is complete with base, village, farms, mine access, rail system, animals and pets, colorful paths and even a Nether base with protected path to a Fortress.

While having only one house (The Oreo House), you could move to the Cake Castle and have 4 houses in the base level. Or just build new houses!

Beware that illumination is not perfect and hostile mobs, including creepers, might show up. The Cake Castle is safe (with even an Iron Golen inside!), the rail system is isolated, but other than that beware.

If the pet Ghast annoys you, just kill it ;)


Mode: Survival (w/ achievements)
Youtube: [open]
Download: [link - works only from my site or reddit]

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