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On this page, I leave some neat save-games from some of my favourite games. This started as a Minecraft PE/W10 only world page but eventually started putting other games.

Some saves are updated as I play, but there is no notification system. I usually post this link on foruns or related reddits. You will also find image galleries, videos and perhaps a random how-to video

Minecraft is the most likelly to get constant updates, because I play almost every day to unwind from my daily woes. Check my updates page for all changes on my page/projects

Select one of the games below for a compreensive list of items. Some might open a new page




Galleries and Videos

Not related to the above worlds or themes


Some random Nier:Automata videos:


 State of Decay  

To use savegames, look for the game folder, and in USER\ folder you will find one with your profile ID (numbers only), put the files in there. The number in the file (ex. Sandbox.3.ulsave) is the save profile (minus one, thus in this case, profile 4)

Some other random State of Decay videos:

 Cities Skylines  

 Android Games  

 Other games

I have some essays on some games (and anime) usually explaining the hidden messages and/or ending. You can find them on the main page, but here are they:

 Final Fantasy XIII lore explained (with and without spoiler section)

 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) explained (full spoilers)

 Life is Strange - Polarized Ending and its lessons