History and Future

Some call it "the law of accelerating returns", others just "evolution", and others a variation of the "Moore law". It doesn't matter how you name it, scientific evolution, specifically those related to Information Technology (and as time goes by, more and more areas are inserted into the I.T. realm), clearly evolves exponentially. Or has been doing until now.

If you don't understand or rather not accept the statistical data and mathematics behind it, maybe logic will be your turf: Every bit of discovery and new invention that happens, will help new discoveries and inventions later: This means that, the more tools and knowledge we have at our disposal, faster and more precisely we will be able to improve those tools and knowledge. Look for medicine, for instance: without magnifiers and microscopes people would still not get it there even is something called a cell, or a virus, let alone evolve and create whole new scientific areas to cover it. We could live in a 21th century that still doesn't know how the body works because nobody invented a way to look the microscope world. But we invented it, and then improved it, and perfected using sometimes the same technology (magnifiers were required to fine-tune and polish better magnifiers, who were required to produce microscopes, and so on).

So, the exponential nature of scientific nature is pretty much obvious, and what is even more amazing, unstoppable: religious persecution, world wars, plagues and other mishaps happened, but evolution still followed its course. Why? because there is always someone, somewhere, that profits from that. War? Military will invest into science. Religion? Pagans will experiment just for the thrill of it, plagues? Science will rush for a cure.

And according to most studies into the matter, our current scientific paradigm is set to reach full potential before half the century is out. What next?

Meanwhile, check the predictions for the near future, you might get impressed.

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