K-Pop Videos Monthly Digest: April 2018

This month we implemented several changes on the site, starting with the History system, which shows how the top 30 videos on multiple categories changed each month, as well this digest.

The History system had been collecting information since April 2017, but as we finally implemented the view for the results, a bug on the data collection for artists were found, so the data was useless. Starting this month, the information will be properly collected and in a few months we will be able to show them.

Video of the Month: BTS's DNA steals the month with a skyrocketing ascension

BTS's DNA and Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix) were the shining videos of this month skyrocketing on the charts, with DNA being the serious contender to break BIGBANG's dominance in the chart for male groups.

Meanwhile, Twice's TT almost nagged the #1 Group video spot, but next month BTS's DNA will spoil that chance. Regardless, it keeps opening the distance from second place Blackpink's Boombayah on Female Group MV.

Also noteworthy, how fast Girls' Generation MV's are dropping out of the top due to both Twice and Blackpink speedy ascension on Female Group videos, toppled with BTS videos on all around list.

No videos entered or left the top 30 list this month, only shifted places.


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