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Let's take a look at April's changes on Kpop all time charts.

Video of the month (again): BTS's DNA got the expected #1 for male group

BTS's DNA snatched the #1 place for Male Group MV from BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby  as expected, a video which also lost another place on the general chart to Twice's TT, which maintains its #1 on Female Group MV

Although a lot has changed on this month main chart, no new videos entered the list. Girls' Generation retirement is putting a clear pressure at their numbers and most videos loosing positions fast are theirs. Well, we are on a new generation it seems.

On Male Solos, PSY still shows breath as New Face steals one more spot, from Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips, and snatches the 5th place. If it keeps growing fast like that, PSY might once again have the top 4 male videos.

For Female Solos, we have a new video on the list with Sunmi's Heroine. Meanwhile IU finally reached Hyuna's RED and entered 5th with Palette, which still has more viewership than all Hyuna's videos on 2nd to 4th place, but the view gap is big. Yet, if IU's keeps it up, in a few months she might get the 4th place from Hyuna's Because I'm the Best. Its Sexy style vs Music Diva fight time.

Finally, on Female group videos, no new entry, only some changes, the most noteworthy being Twice's Likey getting up to 5th, beating  Like Ohh-Ahh easily. With the current streak, they should take yet another of their own videos, Cheer Up, and then be on for the fight with Blackpink's As if it's your last. A surprise here is the fast ascension of Momoland's Bboom Bboom, which remains the most viewed video per day among the top 30 female videos, which should land them an easy 16th next month as it nears Twice's Signal. Also new on female group MV's is Red Velvet's Bad Boy, which should keep getting positions and meet their other video Dumb Dumb around 100M views by June.

Now as a news on the site, next month we should be able to put the Top 30 artist lists online, who do you think will rank first on each list!?

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