K-Pop Videos Monthly Digest: June 2018

Let's take a look at June 1st changes on Kpop all time charts.

Video of the Month: Momoland's Bboom Bboom have been climbing fast in the last two months

While no impressive change has happened, nor any MV entered or left the top 30, a lot of small changes. 3 BTS MVs and 3 Blackpink MVs climbed positions , with BTS's Fire moving in to snatch BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby in a few days to the 6th place.

On Male Group MVs, EXO's Ko Ko Bop managed to climb a few positions and BTS Fake Love entered the list, throwing BTS's own Danger out of it for the time being. 

For Female Group MVs we have a fast entry climb for Twice's What is Love? straight to the 18th position, and Red Velvet's Bad Boy climbing 3 positions. The most interesting change here was Blackpink's Whistle climbing the final step to consolidate the top 8 positions only marked by either Twice of Blackpink videos! Also worthy to mention Momoland stellar climb with Bboom Bboom in the last two months, an impressive mark for this group 3rd mini album (although the video comes from the promotions for the single relase of Bboom Bboom). For a rookie group, quite an achievement, and takes the "Video of the month" title

No big changes on solo Male nor solo Female.


Now that our artist tracking is working, let's take a look how the aggregated MVs of each artist are doing.

On Male Groups, Wanna One climbed 2 positions getting past NCT 127 and Block B snatching the 20th position, while NCT U climbed one position to 24th, switching with Boyfriend.

On Female Group, a very important month for the industry: Twice snatched the number one position from Girl's Generation with ease and already clearing a distance. The "new" (rather 3 years old) group shows it doesn't seem to be stopping hitting the high numbers any time soon. Meanwhile EXID, Momoland (mostly from their one successful video Bboom Bboom) and Davichi all climbed one spot.

Male solos had only one change, Crush got slightly past T.O.P. And for Female solos, Hyorin, Jeong Eunji, Suzy and Lyn climbed, but no new entries.


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