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Let's take a look at July 1st changes on Kpop all time charts and the site changes.

As for the site, we created a new Visual List that allows you to check all videos of a particular Artist. A nice stop to get your fix on your favorite's Artist hits.

Video of the Month: Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du astonished everyone breaking all records and All Kills


In the general table, there were some serious movements from Blackpink thanks to their comeback. While Boombayah held their ground at 9th and Whistle at 24th, As if it's your last and Playing with fire both climbed. BTS' Fire also managed to climb one spot while PSY's Daddy stole the 7h place from BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby. 2NE1 proves it still lives as it moved up two positions to 25th, and BTS' Fake love entered the chart in last place, taking Girls' Generation The Boys out.

On Male Solo, Henry's TRAP climbed one spot, and K.Will Talk Love, which we forgot before (oops) were added into the list at 20th, removing G-Dragon's Coup d'etat.

Female Solos saw IU climbing up to 4th, and Sunmi Heroine also up one place.

Male Group, the real battleground, saw 3 BTS' videos climbing: Fire into 2nd, Dope into 4th, and Fake Love to 15th from 26th! GOT7 If You Do also managed to climb one position to 27th.

On Female Group, No surprises as Blackpink Ddu-du Ddu-du opened, in only 15 days, into 19th place, poised to reach the top 5 next month (unless Twice holds them off). Proving they still got it, 2NE1's I am the best snatched 2 positions out of Girl's Generation, Twice's Heart Shaker also moved up two positions, and last month killer Momoland's Bboom Bboom got up one more place getting past Twice's Signal.Red Velvet also made their mark amping Bad Boy 2 places. With Blackpink's addition, Sistar's Alone was ousted from the list, leaving the Girl Groups top 30 for good.


Some changes in Artists due to updated tables (videos missing) were Zico and Taemin climbing both one position, passing Henry. Chen and Eric Nam also saw their position go up.

Female solos see Taeyeon closing in to IU, but still not quite, while Hyorin snatched two places. Eunji, Suzy and Lyn managed to get up one place, but no new entries.

Male groups saw Beast and Wanna One up one position, and BTOB move up 2 positions (also due to updated data). Day6 managed to get into the top 30, ousting Super Junior-M.

For Female Group, despite the blasting success of Blackpink, which amassed more than 500 million views this month distributed across their 6 MV's (and dance versions), they still need one or two months to snatch that second place out of Girls' Generation. Meanwhile, Momoland predictably climbed more into 17th place, and Bolbbalgan4 managed to snatch 20th out of I.O.I.

This month, without a doubt, was Blackpink's, with nearly 515 million views more. 


We are working on statistics to predict how videos will behave in time, so we can predict where a new video will position itself after even a couple of years. For instance, we expect Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du to get a solid 2nd place in the Female Group chart, behind only Twice's TT, unless Blackpink manages to keep Boombayah ahead. Also, Taeyeon should become #2 as Female solist (after Hyuna) and Blackpink should snatch #2 next month, maybe September, and then fight for that #1 with Twice. Male solists show no behaviour that can endanger the top 3, while Male groups also remain quite steady, with BTS only opening its incredible lead.


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