K-Pop Videos Monthly Digest: August 2018

Let's take a look at August 1st changes on Kpop all time charts and the site changes.

Site-wise, we totally redid the main page to include more of the features that were previously in separated pages, like the Visual List. Most features are accessed by simply clicking on an entry. We also included follower counters for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, vLive and Youtube Channels (not Youtube users, which is how some artists create their Youtube presence). As of now, we are still missing some medias and should finish it in a week or so. The API and Database Download are also a great new addition that will help people use our database.

Video of the Month: Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du maintains its steam on its second month


In the main list, BTS climbed with Fire, Mic Drop, Save me and took Girl's Generation's The Boys out of he list with Fake Love. The bar for the top 30 finally reached 200 million views. PSY showed some life with Daddy getting past Fantastic Baby, while Blackpink got As if it's your last and Playing with fire up the rank. 2NE1's I am the best managed to get past two Girl's Generation videos proving their fandom is as strong as ever.

For Male solo  MVs, small changes and no new entry, while on group MVs, BTS moved up with 4 videos and iKON's Love Scenario entered the ranking, dropping EXO's Wolf out.

Small changes on Female soloists, with the only real change coming from Chung Ha entering the rank with Roller Coaster, causing Amber's Shake that brass to drop. Meanwhile on group females, no big surprises: Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du kept it's skyrocketing profile climbing to 8th with a steady 120 million views per month, being sandwished for a day between two other Blackpink's videos ... a day, because that is how long it will take for DDDD get to 7th. We predict next month DDDD will reach 4th and by October should be 2nd.

Red Velvet had some positive changes, with Red Flavor entering the rank at 30th, removing Girl's Generation Lion Heart. Noteworthy is Momoland's Bboom Bboom which climbed 5 positions to 10th, were it should sit since it is not likely to snatch any places from Blackpink.


For Male carrer, Zico, Agust D, Seungri and Lay climbed the ranking, but no new entry. 

Male groups saw Pentagon removing Day6 from the list by entering in 30th, while Wanna One, NCT 127 and NCT U all climbed one spot.

Male carrer got Chung Ha moving up to 11th, and Jessi managed to snatch 23th. Chung Ha profile removed Kim Sejeong from the list.

As much Blackpink skyrocketing views this month impressed, they remain temporarily at 3rd on the female group rank, but should snatch Girl's Generation by September. GFriend, Apink, Mamamoo and Brown Eyed Girls moved up one spot while Momoland climbed an impressive 4 places to 13th thanks to their hits Bboom Bboom and Baam, no new entries on the rank.


Watch out for Blackpink's DDDD climb towards first. Will Twice's TT manage to keep the crown? Blackpink should also move to second most viewed group as Girl's Generation looses its place. BTS continues with high view count, but there is not much they can do since they are already number one, so if you want to root for something really impressive, let's see if they can get past PSY. Only 600 million views and BTS will be officially the #1 Korean artist. With PSY hardly gaining a couple dozen million views per month, and BTS powering with 400 million views, don't be surprised if this happen by October.

For the site, the view prediction system are delayed, but should come this month. This month we might also add a contributor system for trusted contributors, allowing for faster addition of new videos.



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