K-Pop Videos Monthly Digest: September 2018

Let's take a look at September 1st changes on Kpop all time charts and the site changes.

Site-wise, we finished the social media and followers registration, so you can now order everything by social media following. We also added some new groups that are under the top 100 and we plan on adding at least more 20 this month. You will also notice we finally ended the prediction system, and you now can order the videos by the predicted view count for the 5 year (60 month) mark: older videos that we don't have that data are also calculated, while videos that reach 5 years starting this month have the views recorded (they show as green text on the list to denote it is actual views and not predicted). Future views use our prediction system for future views starting one month after the video was published.

Video of the Month: BTS's Idol crushed 100 million in only a week


Blackpink keep climbing with all their videos in both general and girl group lists, while BTS also doesn't fall short scoring a "Video of the month" with Idol

Little changes on male solo videos and female solo videos, but as group videos go BTS and iKon showed some big performers for male group, while Blackpink, Twice and Red Velvet all got boosts in their videos.


As artists go, SEUNGRI managed to climb two positions on male soloists. Stray Kids got into the top 30 straight to 25th, while Pentagon, a new entry last month, climbed to 27th. The biggest changes however happened in girls groups, with Momoland climbing from 13th to 8th, and (G)I-dle managed to shoot straight to 24th as they enter the list.


Stay tuned as Blackpink snatches second place from Girls Generation this month, Twice's TT becomes the first girl's group video to get to 400 million views right before Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-di catches up, and don't forget to check BTS's Idol progress.

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