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Let's take a look at November 1st changes on Kpop all time charts and the site changes.

Site-wide, we redid the design on the Kpop list to be less complicated and more mobile friendly. All features are there, but using less interface. You can resize columns, order them ascending or descending and toggle which data to show on the "select columns" button. Note that since we did not detect people removing alternate/dance/duplicates on their searches and filtering, we decided to remove the option (they are now all on by default).

Video of the Month: IU's Bbi Bbi, with Super Junior's One more Time in second.


On the main top 30 list, as expected Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du kept its skyrocketing progress up to 5th place, now being the most viewed female video. BTS' Blood Sweet & Tears, Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix), Fake Love and Save me all increased one position, and Momoland's Bboom Bboom managed to reach 22nd climbing 3 positions. As BTS' Idol entered the ranking, 2NE1's I am the best ended pushed out of the list, removing 2NE1 from the top 30 for good.

For soloists, Henry's Trap and August D climbed a little, but no new entries for males solos. Lee Hi's Breathe, Sunmi's Heroine, Chung Ha's Holler Coaster and IU's Good Day climbed positions, and as IU's Bbi Bbi entered the female solo videos ranking in 29th, her own Friday video got ousted.

On groups, as expected BTS videos climbed en masse: Blood Sweat & Tears, Mic DRop, Fake Love, Idol all saw increases. Only EXO's Ko Ko Bop also climbed. No new entries. 

It finally happened, and Blackpink's Ddu-du Ddu-du hit number one on female groups, not to forget that their dance video for the same music also climbed to 21st. Momoland's Bboom Bboom climbed to 8th, Twice's What is Love to 16th and Dance the Night Away to 24th, Momoland's BAAM got to 26th.

Therefore in Music Videos, the hits remain BTS and Blackpink


Male soloists remained quite stable with the only change being Lay climbing from 22nd to 18th. No new entries.

Female soloists saw some changes as IU got her 2nd place back from Taeyeon, Chung Ha moved to 10th, Gummy to 13th and Lyn to 23th. No new entries.

Group Male artists saw Monsta X and Wanna One climb together one spot, NCT 127 managed to get past NCT U, TCXQ! surprisingly moved up to 20th followed by NU'EST to 21st, and Pentagon got up to 24th. No new entries.

Female artists got only two changes: Momoland got past 4minute to 7th, and (G)I-dle moved up to 22nd, No new entries.


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