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Database has 2138 videos, with total of 1651 official MV videos (not alternate, duplicates nor dance). Most outdated video dates back 5 days - The server updated 445 videos in the last 24 hours.
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Blackpink - Ddu-du Ddu-du
46806317 (as of 06.16)
Twice - I Want you back
4788100 (as of 06.17)
SHINee - I Want You
2967412 (as of 06.17)
Wanna One - Light
8313741 (as of 06.16)
Samuel - Teenager
656517 (as of 06.15)
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Last system update: June 2018

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This list is maintained AUTOMATICALLY by the server. There are hundreds of videos registered (Missing a video? Report now!), in 4 categories:

  • main: The main video from the official artist channel (or production studio)
  • duplicate: The same video as the main video posted in another channel, or an extended/story version which basically is the same as the main video but with more/less trimming content
  • alternate: A music video where the artists are in character (costumes) and on the MV set, but is an alternate take (like a dance version, or different angles etc..)
  • dance: A dance/choreography version where the artists are usually on plain clothes inside a studio, or is clearly labeled as "Dance" or "Choreography" version.

The default list is the one most people are looking for (list per total views, do not merge lives or dances), but this is not necessarily the most meaningful because it pits videos online for years against videos online for only a couple of months. The most accurate and meaningful list is ordering by Average views/day.

The server keeps this list updated on an 4~5 day average. Recent videos have higher priority. Check on top of the list to see the most outdated view counter. Also, note that very recent videos (registered on the system in the last week or so) will have some values still zero/uncalculated, that is not a bug.

This list is updated directly from Youtube. If a video is deleted the server will be notified by the script because the view count fetch will fail. Dead videos with high views REMAIN on the database for historic purposes.

This is just a data-mining tool. Don't blame it if you don't like the numbers, and keep in mind that while Youtube is usually used by the management companies to publish the groups outside Korea, this is a poor measurement of internal success. Tweak the settings to get the list the way you like.

Note: CF (Commercials) are not included unless you can purchase the music, live versions are also not included

Special Thanks to Onehallyu's dragonfly0915, Reddit's /u/reddit-ing, /u/HallyuNoona, /u/tastetherainbeau, /u/MicaLovesKPOP and /u/SirBuckeye for helping

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