The Gun Control debate rages on for decades. Every one have an opinion, every politician, every country. Yet, almost everyone miss the whole point, and because of that, they allow the debate to keep going: It is all about lethality.

Allowing civilians to own guns is not about your "right" to own a tool, about your freedom, about increasing or decreasing illegal arms or about changing crime. Controlling access to guns will actually have no impact on crime, it won't stop criminals acquiring them illegally and performing their devious acts, and it won't break your "right" to own a tool. What will change, is the lethality of assaults.

Assaults still happen where gun access is controlled, but it is a lot harder to kill if you usa a knife or a pen. Criminals still get black-market guns, but normal people will have a harder time to get them, and will have to accept using their knuckles, a pen or a knife on their fit of rage. All of that means assaults will be less lethal.

Criminality is a consequence of social characteristics and is about the same across countries with the same level of development and empathy - the difference is what kind of tool you are leaving for people to use on their assaults.

Accidents, unmeasured reactions, passional crime (which is among the top killer all over the world), impulse suicides, unpremeditated actions: all are a lot less lethal if the tool available to you is not a tool devised with the sole purpose of making kills easier.

So for anyone still thinking gun control is about guns, or rights, or crime, stop right now - it isn't. It is about lives, and there is no arguing about it: Guns are the best to make weak people kill. Except weak people shouldn't have access to guns, or strong people shouldn't need them.

Let criminals, psychos and the temporary insane keep assaulting, but make them use their hands, or whatever is closest at hand, not lethal weapons. 

Life will thank you.

This BBC article is great at exploring this important point, with statistics and research on the subject: What would happen if all guns disappeared?

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