To Every Public Figure
be it by Profession, hobby or accident.


If you are pretty, that is your weakness. If you are ugly, that is your weakness. If you are average, that is your weakness.

If you don't get involved, that is your weakness, if you get involved, that is your weakness. If you just keep to your own opinions, that is your weakness.

Left or right; tall or short; woman or man; different or the same; celebrity or aspiring, all of those are your weaknesses.

There is nothing that the ill intended human troll will not make your weakness.


Instinct mandates humans to be the best, and some believe anything goes on achieving that.

"Why bother with effort and wisdom to improve" - they think - "when all we need is to put those above us down?", cowardly attacking your "weaknesses" will simultaneously make the troll "superior" and you "inferior".

Empowered by anonymity or the certainty that even known there will be no repercussion, the human troll will unleash their worst vocabulary targeting those above. The troll will feel good.

The troll doesn't care how you feel. Or rather, it does: if it hurts you, the troll enjoys it more. Their energy is your sweat, you despair feeds them.


But you are not weak, and those weaknesses are just aspects of your humanity, a humanity that attracts the troll, because it is, indeed, superior.

By being out there to help the people; entertain the people; organize the people; inform the people, you are the best of us. Attacking the best of us is the raison d'etre of the troll.

And the human troll, with his mandate to try and become the best, will find you the most sublime target, for those who attack the best of us, are certainly even better, right?


The trolls are not very smart, nor empathetic, nor relevant. They are just the despair in society, a despair that wants to feed and spread.

They don't see that attacking the best doesn't make them better, it only feeds and spreads their despair. It makes them less, and makes society lesser for it.

Our desperate times only create desperate trolls - but the trolls are the worst of us, because the best of us are usually busy trying to improve with effort and wisdom.


To Every Public Figure, be it by Profession, hobby or accident:

The trolls are your strength, your greatest achievement, and proof that you are relevant. Trolls ignore irrelevance.

The more vicious and numerous their numbers against you, the better you are, for they smell their prey by excellence.

The more public and certain their attacks, the more desperation they think they can reap from you, because you shine bright in the middle of their filthy mist, you are irresistible to them.


Sorry for being targeted by the worst of us. Thank you for being the best of us.



From a nobody with eyes, ears and a heart. 

Caio 2019.10.23